In-Home Dog Boarding

Is In-Home Dog Sitting For My Dog?

Dog care services at a sitter’s home are a great alternative to pet hotels. The services are recommended in case of dogs that have a hard time finding peace in a crowded hotel environment and need individual contact with a sitter. Due to the fact that pet sitters take care of maximum 2 dogs from different homes they can devote a lot of attention to each of them, ensuring that their daily routines are followed.

We look after dogs in Kraków.

We provide dog care services in the comfort of your home. These include daily or ad hoc walks, feeding, watering, playtime, administering medications and grooming.

The walks vary in time, from 20 to 120 minutes. We also offer hourly care services for pets requiring longer sitter visits while you are away.

We plan walks taking individual needs, health, age, character and breed of your pet into consideration.

Before securing the services of our sitters we schedule an initial meeting and sign an agreement establishing general terms and conditions of pet care services.

After each walk we inform the owner how it went by sending a text message and a picture.

Sitters can take dogs to the vet upon confirming it with the owners.

24-Hour In-Home Dog Boarding
It is a basic form of dog care while the owner is away. Before taking a dog under our wings we discuss all the details with the owner. Pet sitters receive instructions regarding the frequency and time of walks, type of food and meal times, grooming and administering medications.

We regularly update owners on the condition of their dogs by sending text messages and pictures.

Hourly In-Home Dog Boarding
In case of dogs that for whatever reason cannot be left unsupervised during the day, it is possible to leave them at a pet sitter’s home. The time of such care services is arranged individually. Their extent depends on the pet’s individual needs and includes walks, feeding, playtime, cuddling and administering medications or grooming, if needed.

We regularly update owners on the condition of their dogs by sending text messages and pictures.

Dog Transportation
The sitter can also bring a dog to their home and return it upon completing the service. Depending on the sitter’s capabilities the transport is provided by car or public transportation.

Initial Meeting and Contract

Before securing the services of our sitters we schedule an initial meeting held in the Client’s home.

At the meeting we discuss details and sign an agreement establishing general terms and conditions between the client and Pet Sitter Kraków.


Our main goal is to ensure safety and well-being of all pets that we are entrusted with. In providing our services, we follow recommendations set out by vets and animal behaviourists as well as instructions given by the owner. Before taking your dog under our wings we discuss its health and steps to be taken in case any unforeseen situation arises.

We are also mindful of your valuables as to ensure that they remain undamaged.